The last 2 weeks were boring. So I pretended they didn’t happen. Sorry?

I’m switching up the order on this little segment. Diggin and Not Diggin has a nice ring to it but who wants to read something that ends on a sour note? We’re gonna get the crap out of the way first and then move on to the good stuff!

Not diggin:

-My brit lit professor has been freaking out on us for the past couple weeks because she feels like we aren’t reading thoroughly enough before we come to class. So in the 3 weeks before finals she’s decided to give us a horribly nitpicky quiz at the beginning of every class.  Let’s all say a fond farewell to my chances of getting an A.

-I had a panic attack Sunday morning. It wasn’t pleasant.

-When I was making dinner on Sunday night I was opening a can and sliced my finger pretty deep on the rim. If at all possible, avoid doing that. The whole pain part aside it’s just pretty dang messy and inconvenient. Unless you like blood n gutz. Then who am I to stop you?


-There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a really hard test and then getting an A on it.

-Getting your hair dyed by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. My hair is finally all one color!

-Out of the blue calls from one of your best friends are always a plus.

-The kitchen in my apartment has been gettin a lot of action from me lately (teehee). This past week I’ve made banana bread, monster cookies, taco soup, and this awesome ground turkey and tofu recipe I found. Cooking for one sucks though because I have piles of leftovers and I can’t eat them all by myself. Sooooooo if you’re hungry and in Denton and you’re reading this please come over and help me eat these leftovers/let me cook for you!


About Abby McLaughlin

19 year old Hospitality Management student at the University of North Texas.
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