Wishful thinking.

In life there are lots of things that I wish I could do. Like be able to apparate to campus so that I don’t have to deal with the bus and all of the crap that goes with it, or control the weather so that I wouldn’t have to ruin yet another pair of really cute flats walking in puddles, or be able to hear people’s thoughts so that I would know if they think that the outfit that I’m wearing is actually cute or if I should really just suck it up and do laundry instead of mixing ridiculous things together to conserve detergent and dryer sheets.

Ok, I know that I’m being a little out there but you get what I’m saying. There are always things that you wish you had in your back pocket that you could just be awesome at. These are just a few of mine.

1. I wish I could pull off wearing red lipstick. Girls that have fashion blogs have a tendency to wear it and they always look fabulous. We wore a whole lotta lipstick in colorguard which was always kind of fun but it turned it into something that you only wear when you’re performing to me so I don’t think that I could make it look non-costumey.

2. I would give anything to be able to try out having platinum blonde hair. I tried going blonde in May last year and I really liked it when I found the right color but getting there was painful and involved buying far too many boxes of dye. I don’t really fancy the idea of killing my hair again as an experiment but I really want to know what life would be like as a platinum blonde.

3. I want to be able to walk totally comfortably in heels. I got pretty good at it in high school by wearing them to church every week but now that I’m not doing that anymore my skills have completely gone down the drain. We have our hospitality career expo this coming week and we have to be dressed business professional which for us lovely ladies generally entails black heels. I’m practically having an anxiety attack about it. The last thing that I want is to be in the middle of talking to someone about giving me a job and then make one wrong move and fall flat on my face. I’d like to think that I have a slight bit more grace than that but I’m not going to kid myself. It’s totally plausible.

4. I wish that I could make the outfits that I come up with in my head look as good on me as I imagine they will. Does anyone else come up with outfit ideas while they’re sleeping? No? Just me? Alrighty then. Sometimes I’ll be wearing something in a dream that I haven’t actually thought about putting together from what I have in my closet. I feel kind of crazy now that I’ve actually acknowledged the fact that I dream about clothes. Anyway, outfits are always better executed in my head than actually on me but I’m working on it.

5. I wish I had more things to put on the walls of my room. I’m pretty happy with how much better I’ve gotten at decorating but half of one of my walls looks pitifully bare and I can’t think of a single thing to put on it. This wouldn’t be a problem if I had just been smart enough to paint it when we moved in. But I digress.


About Abby McLaughlin

19 year old Hospitality Management student at the University of North Texas.
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