D&ND Numba 3.


-The 40% off coupons I got for Gap. Need I say more?

-Elevator speeches are over in preinternship! I said before that I like public speaking but make me talk about myself and I’m out. You all should already know how awesome I am without me having to do a whole speech about it. Cue hair flip.

-Speaking of hair flip, I can’t actually do the sassy flip with mine anymore! I have a female buzz cut a la Ginnifer Goodwin/Emma Watson and I LOVE it. I wake up looking like Ash Ketchum (yeah, from Pokemon. Deal with it.) every once in a while but it takes no effort to fix! And I reeeeeeeeally like no effort. A lot.

-Who got a 100 on their accounting test? Oh yeah, that would be me!

-Adele’s new album anyone?!?!?! I’ve had it on a constant loop since I bought it on Tuesday.

Oh sorry, how did my future child’s first Halloween costume get in here? Moving on.


Not diggin:

-I’ve been EXHAUSTED lately. All caps worthy exhaustion. It’s big time and a pain in the butt.

-We have a polysci test Tuesday. Yeah, yeah, it’s a freshman level class and I shouldn’t complain but this professor is terrible and we’re not quite sure what to expect from his tests so blahhhhhhhhhhhh.

-I bought a shirt at Gap yesterday with my aforementioned coupon that was super cute when I tried it on at the store but then I got home yesterday and it looked terrible. Did I mention that I drove all the way to Lewisville in traffic to get it? Well, now I have to drive all the way back to Lewisville today to return it. Being a wannabe fashionista on a budget is difficult.

-So gas prices went up 10 cents overnight? Lovely. Thanks Libya.

-Spring Break is horribly, tantalizingly, painfully close and yet just far enough away that it feels like it’ll never get here.


About Abby McLaughlin

19 year old Hospitality Management student at the University of North Texas.
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